Halo God

2008-12-08 20:58:07 by popsicle-of-doom

This is a post about my new flash Halo God

Watch HERE!

It's about a guy who thinks he's a beast at Halo but doesn't pay attention to defending himself only attacking other players.

I am really happy because some people actually added it as one of their favorite submission! Ha! I mean I am extremely surprised! And I am actually one of someone's favorite artists, surprising indeed. What I don't get is how is the score lower than the shitty quiz game I made and why did people say my voice acting sucks. I would really appreciate it if you think this to post it here and help me improve for next time I'd really appreciate it!!

Halo God


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2008-12-10 22:58:14

Thanks for the Positive review...It got blammed unfortuantly, but thank you.

(Updated ) popsicle-of-doom responds:

ya hey no problem bro everyone needs a little positive reinforcement every now and again. ha ha